Workshop – New trends in gene therapy

New trends in gene therapy: multidisciplinary approaches to siRNAs controlled delivery

Salerno, 14-15 Settembre 2015

Università degli Studi di Salerno, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale, aula 106



Workshop program

Monday 14th September 2015

08:45Partenza navetta dal GH
09:3009:45Welcome and Introduction
09:4510:30Nicola ElvassorePatient-specific human organs on a chip
Part IBiomedical Aspects
10:3011:00Gabriele GrassiAggiornamento sulle attività di “drug delivery” e “drug characterization”
11:0011:30Coffe Break
11:3012:00Ornella Piazza/Ilaria RussoRole of Cyclin D1 in Inflammatory Diseases and Potential of its Downregulation by siRNAs
12:3013:00Sante Di GioiaModulazione di HMGB1 in cellule epiteliali respiratorie mediante siRNA veicolato da nanoparticelle
Part IINew materials and new methods for siRNAs delivery
14:3015:00Rina CavallaroNew smart polycation derivatives of Inulin and Polyhydroxyethylaspartamide for siRNA delivery
15:0015:30Piersandro PallaviciniGold Nanostars: updates on coatings for cell interactions, drug delivery and photothermal action
15:3016:00Sabrina Bochicchio, Annalisa DalmoroLipidic and polymeric nano carriers towards siRNA delivery
16:0016:30Coffe Break
16:3017:00Domenico LarobinaAnalysis of inner relaxation, water diffusion, and syneresis in alginate gel
17:0017:30Valerio BrucatoBioreattore a doppio: flusso test di colture cellulari 3D
18:00Partenza navetta verso il GH
19:30Partenza navetta dal GH verso la cena sociale

Tuesday 15th September 2015

09:00Partenza navetta dal GH
Part IIIEngineering Aspects
09:3010:00Rosa D’ApolitoRed blood cells affect the margination of microparticles in microcapillaries
10:0010:30Roberto AbbiatiApplication of pharmacokinetic modeling to personalized medical treatments
10:3011:00Michela AbramiFibrosi cistica e LF-NMR
11:0011:30Coffe Break
11:3012:00Sara Cascone, Diego CaccavoAnalysis of the drug delivery from hydrogel based systems
12:0012:30Discussion and conclusions
12:30Partenza navetta verso il GH

Special Issue of CDD

Workshop’s proceedings, as well as related papers, even if submitted by authors not participant to the workshop, will constitute a special issue of the journal Current Drug Delivery (IF 2013 JCR Science Edition: 2.248, ranking and category: 126th of 254 in Pharmacology & Pharmacy):

Further info on the special issue can be found here, the description of the special issue can be downloaded here, the abstract can be submitted by e-mail clicking here (addressed to the editorial society).



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unisaUniversità degli Studi di Salerno
unicreditIstituto Cassiere UNISA – Unicredit
diinDipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale
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